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Sunbiz Florida – How it helps Florida businesses operate

Sunbiz – The State of Florida is experiencing another population boom. Almost 330,000 people have moved to the sunshine state in 2021 alone, and experts expect that number will continue all the way through 2025. Whether they are coming for the retirement benefits, confectionary sugar beaches, or incredible wildlife, there are bound to be new entrepreneurs and […]

What is a W-9 form and how to fill it out?

The local, state and federal governments require collecting taxes from the citizens and businesses operating within their borders every year. In 2019, more than $3.5 trillion was collected at the Federal tax level. Imagine all of that raw data that has to be manipulated and moved to complete this process.  In an effort to save money for […]

6 Tools that help Small Businesses to succeed

Why Incorporate Small Business tools in your business plan? The adrenaline rush followed by an exciting business plan is out of this world. You want to push aside everything and get to work as soon as you can. That’s human nature!However, one has to be rational at every step. Business failure is a crude reality […]

SBA Covid Relief – All programs available to small businesses

Did your Small Business get the SBA COVID reliefs for which it is eligible? In an effort to help small businesses stay afloat as they navigate through the economic crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is providing a variety of relief options to small businesses. We’ve summarized them below […]

8 Tax-Saving Tips for Small Businesses

Tax-saving tips and strategies for small businesses. Puzzled by taxes for your Small Business? I hear you. If you own a small business, tax time can be challenging. While taxes are rarely enjoyable or interesting topic, they’re a part of any business owner’s life. Getting a handle on your business taxes can increase your income, […]