Florida Sales Tax

Sales tax preparation for Florida Business owners

We all know that sales tax rules are often confusing for Florida business owners. Their ambiguous nature can increase the chances that a company incorrectly reports sales and use tax. The Florida Department of Revenue is always on the lookout for incorrect sales tax reporting. Its agents quite often analyze your gross revenue and the counties your business (retail sales) transacts to make sure that correct sales tax rates were used.

Sales Tax Filing for Florida

H&S Accounting & Tax Services provides sales and use tax filing services to small businesses operating in Florida. We can help you determine if you need to charge sales tax on some or all of the goods and services you sell. Business owners need to collect the correct amount to avoid fines and the risk of costly audits.

Florida Discretionary Sales Surtax

Many counties in Florida may impose a county tax that applies to most transactions subject to the sales or use tax. The discretionary county surtax rate applies to a taxable item or service delivered into a county imposing a surtax. Business owners collect both discretionary sales surtax and the state sales tax from the purchaser at the time of sale and remit the taxes to the Florida Department of Revenue. The Department distributes the discretionary sales surtax to the corresponding counties.

sales tax
Sales tax

Sales tax filing services

We can assist you with the registration for Florida Department of Revenue. The registration service is also part of our incorporation services.

What do you get?

  • We will file your sales and use tax return for each reporting period as required by the Florida Department of Revenue.
  • We will ensure the sales tax calculation are correct so that no additional tax is due.
  • We will use the right tax bracket to calculate your discretionary sales surtax.
  • We will reduce the taxes you owe if you are eligible for a collection allowance.

Filing deadlines

All Florida sales tax return deadlines fall on the 20th day of the month, unless it is a weekend or federal holiday, in which case the deadline will be the next business day. If you use Electronic Funds Transfer to pay, the deadline is moved to the business day before the 20th if the 20th day of the month falls on a weekend or federal holiday.

You are required to file at the following frequency, depending on the amount collected:

  • More than $1000: Monthly
  • $501 – $1000: Quarterly
  • $101-500: Semiannual
  • $100 or less: Annual

Penalties for Late Filing

Florida charges a minimum $50.00 fine for late filing, or 10% of the sales tax due, whichever is greater.

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